Happy Holidays

Community food drive

Happy holidays, my name Heather Sallan and I work with Dickson Realty. I have been doing community outreach since 2004 and have provided hundreds of families meals throughout the years. This Thanksgiving I would like to give you, your family, and our community the opportunity to adopt a family for Thanksgiving or Christmas whom without your help, will have nothing to eat. I work closely with counselors at lower income schools that provide me families in need of help.

If you and your family would like to adopt a family this Thanksgiving, please contact me by November 17, at hsallan@dicksonrealty.com or contact me directly at 775.530.4568

You can provide meals and personally deliver them, I can provide delivery for you, and I will also accept checks to purchase meals on your behalf. Families in our community need your help. Please contact me and thank you for making a difference.

Heather Sallan

Dickson Realty/ Community Outreach